World Premiere/Royal Premiere of “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

December 2010 – London, UK

It was an absolutely freezing night in London for the World Premiere.  I’d expect nothing less in the middle of December but not only was 20th Century FOX making fake snow for the whimsical premiere, but actually snow was falling the whole evening.  Even with heat lamps, hand warmers and fully bundled, Heidi Ortlip and me thought for a brief, real moment that we might actually get frostbite!

Things heated up once the cast stated their interviews on the red carpet. Highlight was Liam Neeson who voices Aslan.

One thing that made this premiere at The Odeon Theatre unique from any other premiere I’ve done is that it was also the Royal Premiere and Queen Elizabeth attended with Prince Albert. It was all the talk in England and I have to say it was so impressive to see her and put on 3D glasses and watch this CS Lewis classic with part of the Royal Family.

The next day we walked all over the city taking in our favorite sites from Buckingham Palace, to the Thames River, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and then finally landed at The Tower of London. Heidi and I wanted to see the Crown Jewels once and again and enjoy the stories of the Knights, and Heidi even got her replica Anne Boleyn necklace.

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