October 2011 – “The Three Musketeers”

London, England

All for one and one for all… that’s the motto of The Three Musketeers and this new version of the classic tale stars Luke Evans, Matthew Macfadyen, and Ray Stevenson as the famous trio. Orlando Bloom is the Duke of Buckingham and Milla Jovovich is Milady.

If you know the story then you are probably thinking why wouldn’t I go to Paris for the premiere since The Three Musketeers are the inseparable friends from France… well, the Tower of London is integral to the plot so I spent a few days in England. Which included stand-ups in front of Tower Bridge and a cast party prior to the screening.



It is worth noting the incredible weather in London. It was a record-setting weekend reaching the hottest temperatures EVER in England in October. Absolutely gorgeous. And it brought all the Brits outside filling the parks and streets!

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