HARDFLIP: Hollywood Premiere – My First Feature Film

November 16, 2011 will always be a special night.

I don’t know what your checklist looked like when you were little and dreaming about what you would do when you grew up… travel the world, influence others, teach, start your own company or run somebody else’s, have a family, be a good friend, own your own jet, tell impactful stories, or maybe even make movies… some were most likely superficial and material, while hopefully more of the list was dominated by things that are relational and eternal.

I’m extremely grateful to be able to experience so much of my list, and then continue to be blessed with ridiculous opportunities that I never even dreamt to put on my list in the first place! I also so appreciate the gifting of being able to recognize the blessing in the midst of the excitement and chaos.

This year I got to make a movie. And last week I was surrounded by family, friends, co-workers, and industry executives as my first feature with co-producer credit premiered in Hollywood. And I don’t take one second of it for granted.

The red carpet, screening, and after party all took place at the famous Arclight Hollywood on Sunset.

The whole Risen Media team was in attendance and I feel so blessed to work with such an amazing group: Allan & Megan Camaisa, Jimmy Rippy, Rob Springer, Brett Schoeneck & Samantha Ruiz. Once everyone packed into the theatre eager to see HARDFLIP, myself, Executive Producer & Risen Media founder, Allan Camaisa, as well as our Director Johnny Remo all introduced the film.

At its core, HARDFLIP is a story about forgiveness, set against the backdrop of the skateboarding world.

Randy Wayne (To Save A Life, ABC Family’s The Lying Game) stars as Caleb. A typical teen dealing with the fact that he’s never met his father, (John Schneider, Dukes of Hazard, Smallville) and is having trouble connecting with his mom (Rosanna Arquette, Pulp Fiction, The Whole Nine Yards) who is suffering from a brain tumor. He’s working through his family dynamics while also becoming more confident in his own right. Much of the main talent and credited cast were on hand for the event including skateboarding legends Christian Hosoi and Brian Sumner


Response was overwhelmingly positive; some great constructive notes; and the question I got asked repeatedly, What is next? It’s a fabulous question. Usually followed by, How can I help? or Here’s how I can help? or Keep me posted on the film slate and production schedule for next year. All phrases that are music to one’s ears after venturing out on a new project – and all I have to say is there are definitely more films to come and I’ll be sure to let everyone know and include as many people as I can along this incredible new journey! Thanks for the love and support… it doesn’t go unseen.


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2 Responses to HARDFLIP: Hollywood Premiere – My First Feature Film

  1. Lauren Walsh Forgione says:

    Huge Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. Greg Phillips says:

    Kelli, so happy for you and your success!! SO AWESOME! I’m sure if you had anything to do with the film, it’s great!

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