December 2010 – Paris, France

Took the Eurostar for the first time and went to Paris for a few days with Heidi Ortlip. It was December and the city was absolutely magical.  We stayed right on the Champs Elysee, which was blanketed in snow and looked storybook against the lit Christmas backdrop of the famous Parisian street.

Even though we’ve both been blessed enough to spend time in Paris before, we had to make trips to our favorite iconic spots – The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre.

While visiting The Eiffel Tower, we ducked into a little café called Café le Dome, across the park from the landmark to warm up and indulge in a latte and crepes, these were are staples, next to cheese and wine.  We met Timothy Pinto who was our waiter and soon became our friend. He lived in England for a spell so spoke fluent English and French.  We hung out the night and once we found out he was a musician and sold out arenas, we encouraged and impromptu private performance – brilliant!

Then next night he recruited one of his friends and treated Heidi and me to a wonderful night this beautiful city.  Started it off with a Seine River cruise complete with French champagne to toast the evening, then off to the Latin quarter for Greek food, and ending at The Student Bookstore which was a great little bar that looked more like a cave!

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