June 2010 – “Knight & Day” Part #2

Salzburg, Austria – “Knight & Day”

Time to run and jump rooftops! Just like in the movie I got to work with stunt coordinator Gregg Smrz to recreate the same situations I saw in the film. I got harnessed up and literally jumped from one rooftop to another – 70+ feet high. It was such a thrill I wanted to do it again. Like Cameron Diaz in the movie I didn’t wait for the count of 3… we both jumped too early. But fortunately we both survived!

Despite drizzle earlier in the day I was still able to get on the rooftop of another building and while hooked to a wire, ran the same sequence Tom Cruise does in the film. No problems here, well maybe a slight scare! (Notice Greg Smrz is covering his eyes – LOL!)


Only a small window of down time, but it was just enough to jump in a cab with some journalist friends and see some famous sights. The home from the Sound of Music, Mozart’s house, and I even tried these crazy chocolate balls the composer puts his face on – Mozartkugeln is the proper name!


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