July 2010 – San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego – Comic-Con 2010

Every July, San Diego is taken over by self-proclaimed geeks and nerds, as the city hosts Comic-Con, the largest comic book convention in the world. Not only can you be checking out of the grocery store next to a Storm Trooper, or in the coffee line with Wonder Woman, but Hollywood has taken notice of this four day event and flooded America’s Finest City with the biggest celebrities in the industry.  This year was no exception featuring everyone from Angelina Jolie for Salt, to Robert Downey Jr. for the The Avengers, Sylvester Stallone for The Expendables and a Comic-Con first, Hans Solo himself, yes, Harrison Ford, in handcuffs no less! Ford stars in Jon Favreau’s new film Cowboys & Aliens and according to Favreau, he told me Ford, “I’m bringing you to Comic-Con. And he [Harrison Ford] said, ‘You’d have to bring me in handcuffs.’ And so the big joke was we brought him out in handcuffs. That was part of the gag. But did you see how much the people love him? These people grew up with him. For like 5 minutes a standing ovation!” 

Here’s some of the famous faces roaming the streets of San Diego! (Including Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Tina Fey & Will Ferrell, Terry Crews, Aaron Eckhart, Jeff Bridges, Michelle Rodriguez & Danny Trejo, Robert Rodriguez, Garrett Hedlund, Cam Gigandet, and my team!)

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