August 2010 – “Eat Pray Love”

Yountville/Napa Valley – “Eat Pray Love

I interviewed the cast at a private residence in beautiful Napa Valley. Julia Roberts is everything you’d hope she would be; beautiful, warm, open and even told my mom she has “pretty eyes.” Even though this movie was shot on location in Italy, India and Indonesia, Julia Roberts’ family is still her first priority as she told me, “They were there [on location] the whole time. We’ve never been apart so that was definitely a huge part of my decision-making process and brining my family into that process  and figuring out if it was all going to work, for all of us. It wasn’t a decision of one, which it just never is anymore.”  At lunch she even slipped into a comfortable dress, threw her hair in a ponytail and went to see her kids for an hour.  Supermom!

Since we couldn’t be in Italy to enjoy the “Eat” part of Columbia Pictures Eat Pray Love, Food Network’s Chef Michael Chiarello prepared a multicourse meal for us and paired each with a wine. Complete with an ice sculpture filled with three flavors of Gelato.

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