Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – New York City

I flew to New York City to catch up with the cast… Oliver Stone, Josh Brolin, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Douglas.  Michael addressed the latest on his throat cancer:

Michael Douglas: “I’m doing fine. My doctors are optimistic, I’m optimistic and obviously a combination of radiation every day and chemo limits a full day (of work). Life goes on. This is just another chapter. I’ve had a pretty good run of it, and this was a pretty bad year that is going to be topped off with a really good movie.”

Both Michael Douglas and Josh Brolin have famous dads (Kirk Douglas & James Brolin respectively) and I asked them what’s something their dads have taught them that’s made a difference in their careers:

Michael Douglas: “Being able to watch how they conducted themselves. We’re very fortunate that this is a business, where as kids, you can go and visit your mom and dad on the set at work. So you get to see at an early age what your mother or father do. I think it’s a big advantage as you got older to see how you conduct yourself, because you were able to see how they conducted themselves when you were growing up. And seeing people with their own insecurities and understanding that. I think the disadvantage is Josh or I don’t get any credit because it’s assumed that your old man is a success and he got you an opening into the business.”

Josh Brolin: “First of all my father said, ‘Don’t get into this business.’ That was something that I didn’t listen to. There was a lot of fiscal fluctuation, my parents spent money as it came, so we’d have a nice house and then 2 years later we’d be in someone’s guest house. The security factor I think was a worry for him. But ultimately what Michael said, it’s that you watch, you learn, you see them make decisions… there are very few people in the industry now that don’t have some sibling or relative in the business. You learn what to do, what not to do. It’s helped me for sure in making decisions.

Couldn’t help but take a few pictures of the iconic financial district… New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, the Bull and rebuilding Ground Zero:

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